Savremeni Apartmani za Izdavanje (Zlatibor)

Apartmani Radosti vas pozivaju da uživate u nezaboravnom odmoru na Zlatiboru, u našim apartmanima kategorije 4 zvezdice, kao i u mnogim sadržajima koji će učiniti da Vaš boravak na planini bude još zanimljiviji i ugodniji.

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By choosing Apartmani Radosti, you are not only choosing a luxury accommodation that will provide to your every need. You are choosing carefully designed experience of style and elegance, combined with Zlatibor’s tradition and heritage.

about zlatibor

This lovely European mountain resort is considered to be highly enjoyable thruout the seasons, and especially during mild, warm summers and snowy winters.

pricing and contact

With Apartmani Radosti you organize your trip to Zlatibor, Serbia fast and easy. Travel Serbia and Zlatibor with style. You can get details and make reservations via phone number: +381 (0)69 75 20 72

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Local food

One thing is certain about traveling Serbia, and especially those who travel to mountain Zlatibor agree- food is extremely enjoyable. Among various Serbian specialties, make sure not to skip one that’s specific to this mountain called Komplet lepinja, warm traditional bread with gravy and dairy.

What can you do at Zlatibor?

You won’t get bored, that’s for sure. For a more of a laid-back experience, enjoy some hiking, biking, explore wonders of local culture (especially local cuisine and rustic architecture), go fishing or relax in one of spa centers.

City guide

If you travel to Serbia, you should know that the whole Zlatibor mountain region offers variety of charming bars and restaurants, with both local and international cousin. Local market is the best place to shop for souvenirs, warm clothes hand made from organic wool, and other hand made rustic crafts.

Health tourism

Health is just one more reason to visit this specific mountain region when traveling to Serbia. Due to its Geo location and altitude, as long as with clean air, clean waters and accessible organic and semi-organic food, Zlatibor is considered to be climatic resort, as well as a great place to boost your general health.

Local events

Try not to miss orthodox Christmas on the 7th of January, and so-called Serbian New Year on 13th of January, as Zlatibor mountain gets extra vivid and festive around New Year’s time.

Good reasons to spend vacation at Mt. Zlatibor

This lovely European mountain resort is considered to be highly enjoyable thruout the seasons, and especially during mild, warm summers and snowy winters.

Zlatibor, a place for rest and relaxation

In order for your winter or summer holiday to be filled with adventures, Apartments Joys Of Zlatibor organize for you a series of relaxing activities.

Riding school, horse-drawn carriage rides, ski school or riding a snowmobile will certainly be pleasant for those who like adventure.

Ski School

If you are not much of a skier, or you are an experienced skier looking to polish your skiing skills, Apartmani Radosti will arrange ski school that fits your needs.

Ski instructor is available for children and adults.

Take snowmobile to Zlatibor Lakes

If you are planning to visit Zlatibor mountain during winter, and if you are sort of traveler that enjoys snow, skiing and winter sports, make sure that you don’t skip snowmobile trip to Zlatibor Lakes.

Spa center Iva

Spa center Iva is located less then 4 miles from the center of lovely European mountain Zlatibor.

Apartmani Radosti will organize visit to this lovely mountain resort spa center where you get to enjoy two hours in the warm pool, hot tub and steam bath